The Story

Named after two of the most influential people of all time, the Wright brothers, Flyboys Deli pays tribute to some of the world’s greatest minds from Dayton, Ohio. From the cash register, to pull-top cans, to the airplane, Dayton has produced a lot of inventions (and inventors) that changed the world. We strive to reflect the spirit of these inventors with our restaurant.

We opened our doors in 2013, which is 110 years after the world’s first flight in an airplane. Using fresh, quality ingredients, we produce items that may just inspire you to make your own invention.

Last Victory

Steve Crandall, a retired Air Force Colonel, and Eunice Kim, having 10 years of deli experience in Maryland and Washington D.C. combine their passions in bringing Oakwood a unique deli experience. Their new venture, Flyboys Deli, features three focus areas: the first floor of Flyboys Deli will evoke a New York-style deli, the second floor and other parts of the building celebrate Dayton’s 110 years of aviation heritage and its rich history as a cradle of invention.

Flyboys Deli menu include breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings. For breakfast one can order sandwiches & bagels. Breakfast sandwiches are also available to order Saturday mornings. Lunch and dinner offer appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas, wraps, hot paninis, soup and salads. All can be enjoyed in the upstairs Aviation Hall or the rooftop deck which overlooks the Shops of Oakwood. Draft craft beer and large selection of fine wines are also served.

Flyboys caters for special occasions, such as wedding receptions, weddings, baby showers, going away, promotion, birthday or Christmas parties at Flyboys or we can deliver to your location.

Flyboys Aces Club features new craft beers every Wednesday Night.