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5 of 5 starsReviewed July 25, 2014
by TR26

Here’s a very happy place.

Start with a concept that ties in to Dayton’s proudest historical achievement, the Wrigtht brothers’ invention of controlled flights, and thus connects with the extensive local air industry and major Air Force base that is the area’s largest employer. Site that facility in the upscale Oakwood shopping district. Select tasteful decor celebrating aviation. Put together a deli menu that’s solid, and provide a good level of quality.

Yes, that’s the formula for Flyboys. It’s counter-service here; order and pay, then find a seat and the staff will deliver your order to you when it’s ready (and it won’t take long). The staff is friendly and numerous–if anything, they may be over-staffed, which is a great thing for patrons–at times they seem slightly disorganized, but they always get the job done.

Seating options include indoor areas both down and upstairs, and a second-story balcony overlooking Far Hills avenue that can be quite pleasant on a nice day when there’s not too much heavy equipment operating nearby.

As for the fare, it’s solid. The coffee is good, the latte is better. Qaulity beers and wines are offered. There’s a good selection of deli sandwiches, but I was more impressed by their three-bean chili, which had an ideal balance of beef, tomato, and beans, not too spicy (tho’ there’s hot sauce on request if that’s your palate). It was available as part of the soup-n-salad lunch, and I had the “Orville” salad, a good chopped salad generous with greens, red onion, cuke, tomato, egg, bacon, and white cheese; the counter-man recommended the lime vinaigrette dressing and it was superb.

On another visit I had their cheesecake. –RAVE– The graham-cracker crust was a little dry but I don’t like that part anyway, the filling was high-quality cream cheese that left an absolutely scrumptious sweet dairy taste on the tongue, and an ideal mouth feel that was fatty but not cloying. Oh, bravissimo, Flyboys! The counter man said something about how this cheesecake was his grandma’s recipe; maybe that’s not entirely truthful but anyway it was fun.

I’ve been to delis in Manhattan, the mecca of the form. This spot is at their level.”

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