Dinner at Flyboys Deli in Oakwood – A Review

Dinner at Flyboys Deli in Oakwood – A Review


I am all about finding new locations and local spots especially those that cater to vegetarians. I have been begging my husband to hit Flyboys for some time but he isn’t a huge fan of “deli’s” so he has been dragging his feet – until today!

The location is a hip “urban” style deli with a cool dining area, a 2nd story that serves as a rental dining/banquet/event area and a rooftop dining area. There is a small bar with a flat screen which was calling my husband’s name and a little lounge area with some Kettering History.

OVERALL, it was a GREAT VISIT! There was an appetizer, drinks, 2 sandwiches & an extra bagel for under $40. The service was top notch and even though it isn’t a full service restaurant – they acted like it was! They brought the food to us, checked on us, and even left our tap open while we ate so we could add drinks. YOU CAN EVEN GRAB SOME AWESOME COFFEE at the end of your meal! It’s a one stop shop for the night! The food was excellent. Served quickly and the staff was so nice…

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