A social media outlet that beer lovers can see what we’re serving- Untappd

While doing a recent Google search for ourselves, we discovered that a popular social media outlet- Untappd– where users update what beers they enjoy and where they are enjoying them, had activity for Flyboy’s Deli! We suggest that anyone who would like to get familiar with our outstanding beer selection go on over to the Flyboy’s Deli Untappd profile here to see what others are drinking,
untappd fly then stop in for a drink and sammie!

Read more about what Untappd is all about-

Untappd is a new way to socially share a brew you’re currently enjoying, as well as where you’re enjoying it, with your friends! Curious what your friends are drinking or where they’re hanging out? Just check out their Untappd profile and comment on their share and find out! It’s a great way to spread your favorite brews and hang outs with your friends.

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